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The Save Our River Trust aims to re-establish the flow of water from the main course of the Manawatu River around the Foxton Loop to return the River to its state prior to 1942.
School Strike 4 Climate Manawatū is a branch of a worldwide youth movement of young people mobilising to demand action on climate change.
Sport Manawatū's role can be summed up as 'Everyone Active'. The active travel arm of the organisation is focused on encouraging walking, cycling, scootering or any form of travel that is not motorised as a means to firstly promote healthy choices but also reducing emissions. Sport Manawatū offer…
SuperGrans Manawatū helps build resilience in the community by developing healthy, sustainable life skills.
Te Ao Turoa Environmental Centre is part of the corporate arm of the Iwi Authority, providing an important cultural and educational service to natural resource users, local Councils and central Government agencies.
The Trust's purpose is to promote and maintain Te Araroa as a single, continuous walking trail the length of New Zealand. The Manawatū section of the trail travels from Bulls south to Levin.
This Hapū collective works to return the Manawatū river and catchment to its original calling as a source of regional pride and mana and to a healthy condition, and to ensure that sustainable use of the land and water continues to underpin the economic prosperity of the region.
A Maori centred and driven group, seeking to alleviate the effects of poverty and improve the prerequisites for health in the suburb of Highbury and surrounding areas.
A network of people who support each other by trading services, skills and knowledge, without any financial cost.
A community-run orchard in Timona Park, Feilding
With the motto "Creative Upcycling", Upcycling Club 1 aims to help people in Palmerston North and surrounding areas create something beautiful and useful using recycled materials.
"Good water quality is a community priority". WECA raises awareness of pollution in our waterways, by communicating with government and the public.