Recent ENM Newsletters

ENM July 2024 Newsletter. Pride in Ruahine Kiwi, Pit Park People Need People, Bottle Top Sorting and Every Bite Opportunities

1 July 2024

ENM June 2024 Newsletter. Natural Burials and Herbicides, Support Ruahine Kiwi, and a new community garden working bee.

1 June 2024

ENM May 2024 Newsletter. Long Term Plan Submissions, Natural Burials, Community Composting and tool sharpening workshops.

1 May 2024

ENM April 2024 Newsletter. Stream Cleaning, Long term plans, our new Kai Community Support worker, and your say on herbicides.

1 April 2024

ENM March 2024 Newsletter. Community Composting, thanks to Leana Hamlin, our newvolunteer intern.

1 March 2024

ENM February 2024 Newsletter. Every Bite, Future Living Skills, Environmental Initiatives Fund open.

1 February 2024

ENM December 2023 Newsletter. Support Ruahine Kiwi, Future Living Skills for 2024. Environmental Initiatives Fund opens in January

1 December 2023

ENM November 2023 Newsletter. The ENM AGM, MFAN employment opportunity, 110 gardens installed, Loteria Fundraiser for Ruahine Kiwi. 

1 November 2023

ENM October 2023 Newsletter. Supporting Ruahine Kiwi, Recycling Beauty Products, Ruahine Whio Calendar fundraiser.

1 October 2023

ENM September 2023 Newsletter. Arts Exhibition, Future Living Skills Programme and the Manawatu Food Rescue Guide

1 September 2023

ENM August 2023 Newsletter. Conservation week, Arts Exhibition, upcoming MFAN Hui and Strategising for Ruahine Kiwi

1 August 2023

ENM July 2023 Newsletter. Environmental Initatatives Fund recipients, farewell to Dave Mollard, composting workshop and Te Tiriti Training for the envrionment sector.

1 July 2023

ENM June 2023 Newsletter. Community Gardeners Hui, supporting Ruahine Kiwi, Composting workshops and a new Future Living Skills Programme.

1  June 2023

ENM May 2023 Newsletter.The upcoming Community Gardens Hui, stream clean-ups, submissions and change of venue for the Repair Cafe

1 May 2023

ENM April 2023 Newsletter. Awapuni Movie Night, Let's Grow Awapuni, Palmerston North Repair Cafe and upcoming funding Opportunities

1 April 2023

ENM March 2023 Newsletter. Esplanade Day, Movie at Awapuni Park and our new mural. 

1 March 2023

ENM December 2022 Newsletter. EIF Large Grants open, Future Living Skills and the MFAN Summer Hui. 

1 February 2023

ENM December 2022 Newsletter. EIF Large Grants round opening soon, opportunities to support Let's Grow Kai and Ruahine Kiwi and end of year round up. 

1st December

ENM November 2022 Newsletter. AGM, our thanks to the Mazda Foundation, celebrating the Egg Project and welcoming a new member group.

1st November

ENM October 2022 Newsletter. Repair Cafe Launch, AGM, new staff and the Kiwi Conservation club is back on track.

1st October

ENM September 2022 Newsletter. Candidates Q and A, MFAN Hui, request for Management Committee members and job opportunities.

1st September 2022

ENM August 2022 Newsletter. New branding, thanking our funders, MFAN Winter Hui announcement and our thanks to The Egg Project.

1st August 2022

ENM July 2022 Newsletter. 21st party, Repair Cafe pilot in early phases, 1000 traps for Ruahine Kiwi and employment opportunities at ENM

1 July 2022

ENM June 2022 Newsletter. 21 years of ENM, Kai Resilience Strategy completed and Environmental Initiatives Fund large grants announced

1 June 2022

ENM May 2022 Newsletter. A new community garden, Beam along the Stream and opportunities to have your voice heard!

2 May 2022

ENM April 2022 Newsletter. Plastic Pollution Challenge Events, Neighbour's Day Aotearoa and multiple funding opportunities.

April 4 2022

ENM March 2022 Newsletter. Ruahine Kiwi Launch, the Environmental Initiatives Fund and upcoming Plastic Pollution Challenge events.

March 3 2022

ENM February 2022 Newsletter. New year, new staff a new start.

February 1 2022